A pest problem can hinder the enjoyment of your home, both indoors and outdoors. For example, a backyard filled with mosquitoes is not a pleasant place for a cookout, and a kitchen with ants is embarrassing and unsanitary. Many pest problems can be prevented or controlled by homeowners’ actions, but some vermin are best left to commercial and residential pest control Darby PA.

How To Prevent Pests

Bugs and rodents often invade a property because of homeowners’ unwitting bad habits, many of which are easy to change. To help keep mosquitoes away, avoid leaving standing water outdoors, including pet bowls or kiddie pools. To discourage raccoons, put garbage in sealed cans and store them in the garage if possible.

Indoors, insects hide in clutter; keep your house tidy to discourage them. Mice slip into buildings through minuscule entry points. Seal around pipes and baseboards with caulk or steel wool to keep them out. Standing water can be a problem inside too. Fix any plumbing problems promptly and avoid leaving dishes in the sink to soak.

When To Get Professional Help

Sometimes amateur efforts aren’t enough to control an infestation more extensive than it appears, and this may lead to unexpected damage while the invasion continues. Additionally, some critters – such as wasps or rats – can be dangerous or frightening. In either of these situations, it’s best to ask for expert assistance.

An exterminator will inspect your property inside and out to identify the source of the problem. By using specialized tools, pesticides and traps, an expert can eliminate insects more quickly and safely than the typical homeowner. A pest control specialist may also recommend regularly scheduled visits to control some issues.

Most homeowners deal with bugs or vermin at some point. When your prevention efforts aren’t enough, don’t hesitate to call professionals for help. They can give you back your peace of mind and prevent damage to your home.