Investors have for a long time had the notion that investment in property is a more promising and lucrative venture than other investments are. Therefore, continually investors are putting their cash investments into property. The property market in the UK has particularly attracted attention its internationally. Though Brexit negotiations brought about some uncertainty, the property market is still robust. If you wish to invest in real estate in the UK and don’t know where to start. You can visit review sites such as and look at UK real estate companies online reviews. Here you can go through the reviews of clients who have used the services of these companies before and by selecting the positively reviewed companies. This way, you’ll find a reliable company to help you in your journey of investing in real estate. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in UK property.

Has High rental yields

The rental yields a buy to let investment offer is a crucial aspect that influences whether or not to invest. Just as with most property market features, the rental yield from certain regions varies with those from others. Fortunately, various UK cities and postal codes have a track record for having attractive rental yields. Some of the cities known to have great rental yields include Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, and Leeds. As far as Liverpool is concerned, it has high-performance rental yields with a 5.05{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a} average. Nottingham has a 4.46{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a} average rental yields, Manchester a 5.55{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a}, and Leeds has 4.29{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a} rental yields. One of the contributory aspects of these cities’ high yields is that they host several universities and thus a big student population.

House price growth

While some parts of the UK, such as London, have had a downwards trend as far as house price growth is concerned, in other parts, house prices are thriving. Specifically, in the northwest region of the country, house prices have had steady growth. They account for the most significant increase in property value compared to all other sections in the country. In the last 3 to 4 years house prices in the UK showed an upward trend. Particularly between 2017 and 2018 in England, they grew by 2.7{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a} in wales they increased by 4.3{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a}, in Scotland, they increased by 4.8{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a} and in Northern Ireland by 4.4{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a}. The northwest region increased about 5.6{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a}, and the key cities in the region, including Manchester and Liverpool, were leading.

It is projected that property in UK northwest region still shows promising signs of growth. By 2022, it is anticipated that UK property prices will rise by an average of 14.2{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a}, with the northwest region projected to grow by 18.1{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a}.

It’s a great place to live in 

The UK and specifically London have a property market that is perfect for foreign investors. This is since investors will generate good returns from properties here. London is an ideal and dream city for many due to its potential opportunities and a diverse and vibrant economy, making property have lucrative returns.


There is a high demand for buying to let properties in the UK, which is another excellent reason to consider investing in property in the UK. Investors have a great opportunity from the fact that demand for property in the UK exceeds the supply. The northwest region of the UK is one of the regions that has been hit most by this high demand, with Liverpool experiencing an increase of about 2.65{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a} in rental prices while Manchester has a 5.76{436d57bd75e36775d6179d1b2f44d13c7df97e0a34dc93eba0fe3ee60a05dd8a} increase. The high demand in the north has seen an increased trend of persons moving from London to the northern regions. Specifically, Manchester has had the most significant influx. 

A stable and secure asset

Covid-19 had many effects, including a hit on the stock market. It is not clear whether it’ll result in an economic crisis, and experienced investors have sought other ways to protect their investments. Exploring property has been opted for as the preferred type of investment as even in an unpredictable climate, a tangible asset is considered to be a bit more stable. With the growth of rental yield in the UK and an increase in property prices, it seems that buy to let investment is the safer option as far as asset securing is concerned. Additionally, Brick and mortar is the best choice of investment you can make to receive a two-fold reward for a single investment through; the monthly rental that tenants give and through the capital appreciation an investor gets when they’ll be selling the property in future.

In conclusion, the UK property market is promising, and above are the benefits of investing in it.