Opinions and feedback on ReviewsBird.com show that there are two most important places in the home, which are the kitchen and the bathroom.

When we think of rustic designs, we think of weathered patinas, rough surfaces and spaces filled with welcoming feelings. So, rustic designs can transform your bathroom, it can take it from basic and stark to tranquil and soothing. Rustic design is strong enough to add great personality to the room without adding unnecessary clutter.

Below are some of our favorite types of rustic bathroom designs and these designs can easily be found in the best designs stores across the world.

1.      Embrace the Natural Details: 

If you have exposed bricks in your bathroom, it’s a great plus for you. If you do not have bricks, you can try out other natural details to add to your bathroom, like adding some brick wallpapers to the bathroom walls or some wood panels to help give your bathroom some more texture and grit. You can also easily combine wood and stone on your bathroom walls without feeling overwhelmed with this idea since there is a little visual fragmentation. Then you can put the glass shower area in the corner of your bathroom space.

2.      Organic Shapes: 

Rustic bathrooms designs tend to have nothing to do with hard edges and lines. Instead they have softer, rounded, natural forms and shapes. You could create a beautiful contemporary ovoid, curved free standing tub in your bathroom. It perfectly creates a gentle cocooning effect in your bathroom space.

3.      Go Rustic With Natural Wood: 

Natural wood designs are perfect for a rustic bathroom idea. Create in your bathroom a wood bead board, this will add lots of visual interest to your bathroom space. This beadboard tends to also add a traditional feature to the bathroom but when you keep the natural wood colored, this bathroom then gives an edgier, rustic feel.

4.      Modern versus Rustic Charm: 

To create a beautiful rustic bathroom design, a great idea is combining modern and rustic finishes in your bathroom. Polished modern cabinets can be coupled with some rustic designs without feeling overwhelmed. You can also add a bit of gray paint into the mix and combine it with some wooden details along with the glass shower area, creating a smart and beautiful bathroom. Most importantly creating a bathroom that will serve the home very well for years to come.

5.      Smart Lighting: 

When you add lighting to your bathroom it makes a difference to the overall ambiance. Coupling some beautiful lighting next to the mirror, this helps to give the bathroom a balanced look. Another idea is to bring ample natural light into the bathroom space with a central skylight or a large window. A light gray paint and a large mirror give the bathroom an ever roomier view.

In recent years, home owners and designers have tried out styles beyond our usual modern bathroom designs. One of the bathroom styles that we simply cannot get enough of is the rustic bathroom designs. These designs help to give bathrooms the respect they deserve. Also making the bathroom a more attractive and comfortable room in the home.